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Automobile import of complete units decreased unexpectedly

According to a report by the General Statistics Office, it is estimated that about 2,500 complete units were imported into the country in April 2018, valued at $ 80 million.

If this estimate is close to the figure announced in late May, CBU imports in April of this year are expected to decline unexpectedly in both volume and value. treat.

Specifically, compared to the previous month, CBU imported cars in April 1818 decreased 32% while value of turnover decreased slightly 6%.

The unexpected factor of the decline in CBU import turnover in April of this year is in the context of the current market. After successfully “overcome the barrier” with the certificate of type of car type (VTA) as stipulated in Decree 116 of the Government, car manufacturers are actively putting CBU cars originated from Thailand. and Indonesia on water.

However, according to data compiled by the General Department of Customs, most of imported CBU cars still carry only Thai origin. The latest, from the week of April 20 to April 26, of the 556 units built in the car has not been brought back Indonesian origin.

It is noteworthy that cars imported from Indonesia have accounted for a significant proportion of the total import turnover of this item in recent years.

The main reason behind the delays of Indonesian automobiles is that the VTA procedures provided by the government are accepted after Thailand. Besides, if most of the cars imported from ASEAN countries are originated from Thailand, the car originated Indonesia almost belonged to Toyota with Fortuner models and here are Avanza and Wigo.

This time, CBU cars originating from ASEAN docked are still the first batch of vehicles to return to the country after the car companies have completed VTA procedures. With each batch of cars reaching up to thousands of cars, as seen in March of this year, the number of cars slowing down can be drastically reduced.

According to calculations, CBU cars will only be able to return to regular water in the second half of 2018. At that time, changes in turnover are really worth attention. At this time, for example, in April, 1818, the decline of CBU car import was simply because of the number of cars still on the way home.