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The landing of imported cars ASEAN is about to start

General car imports from ASEAN countries are forecasted to have landings to Vietnam in early April 1818.

A number of automakers said they had received a VTA from the Indonesian government and submitted it to the Ministry of Transport. VTA provided by the Government of Indonesia is similar to the one approved by the Government of Thailand. Therefore, it is likely that the Ministry of Transport will soon approve.

Previously, after the Ministry of Transport approved VTA by the Government of Thailand, Honda has opened the import of imported cars ASEAN by more than 2,000 units CR-V, Civic and Accord. This car has arrived in Ho Chi Minh City port in early March and is awaiting completion of the procedures to be able to officially sell the market from May 5/1818.

According to Decree 116 of the Government and Circular 03 of the Ministry of Transport guiding the implementation of Decree 116, among the regulations required to meet conditions for import of cars in complete units, VTA is the procedure “difficult ” Best.

After the entry into force of Decree 116, many Japanese automakers have complained about VTA, while non-Asian car manufacturers are calm. In fact, right after the Ministry of Transport guided the implementation of Circular 03, importers of automobiles of European origin almost immediately announced the completion of procedures as prescribed.

In fact, while the popular vehicles from ASEAN are waiting, other car manufacturers, mainly luxury such as BMW (Truong Hai), Jaguar Land Rover or Volkswagen … continuously bring the first car Meet the requirements of Decree 116 on water.

So far, most businesses have met the requirements required by Decree 116. Some car manufacturers have also revealed that they have started importing the first batch of cars from Thailand. Lan. After the Ministry of Transport approves the VTA provided by the Indonesian Government, import contracts will be immediately implemented.

Due to the geographical distance, the waiting times for imported cars from Thailand will not be much. The businesses said that most likely imported cars from Thailand will rush to port from the beginning of April 1818, some batches can be from the end of March 2018.

After landing, consumers will have to wait for about a month for the car companies to complete the procedure of clearance, inspection and transport … to officially sell the market.

The landing of built-in cars originating from ASEAN countries is about to begin. Notably, most of these vehicles meet the conditions for zero-tariff tariffs under the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). Accordingly, a new price level in the popular car market may also be set.